Dharma Talks

Bodhi-dharma’s Wake-up Sermon
Toeong Seongcheol
Letters Exchanged between Master Seongcheol, Prof. Bieder and Layman Gyutae Son
Clean off the mirrors in our minds
The Correct Path of Seon
Keeping the Precepts Is Genuine Purity
Universal Law Is Buddhist Dharma
Look at the Great Light
A World Filled with Peace
The Red Sun Rises High
Listen to the Eternal sound of the Bell
Greedless Harmony  
The True Nature of Life
Take a good look at yourself
The Middle Way is Buddha
Words of Blessings – Since there is this, there is that
Noble Buddha
Happy Birthday
Searchang for Water in water
On “Dharmas are neither produced nor extinguished”
Broadly Cultivated Offerings
On Meditation
The Word of the Spirit
Eaith is Your Holy Land
The One Vehicle and Expedients
“No Mind” is Buddha
The Three Jewels
Respect All as Buddha
Questions from Followers
How to Study Kong-an
True Prayer
The Original Face
Re-Examination Is the Faith
What To Love
Bojo Jinul ( 1158 ~ 1210 )
1. Secrets on Cultivating the Mind (修心訣 Susim kyeol)
2. The triple world is blazing in defilement as if it were a house on fire.
3. Why can we not see this Buddha?nature now?
4. Performing magic and miracles
5. Sudden awakening/ Gradual cultivation
6. Mind of void and calm, numinous awareness
7. The practice of herding the ox
8. Meaning of maintaining samadhi and prajna equally
9. Cultivation prior to awakening is not true cultivation
10. If you do not cultivate now, you will go off in the wrong direction for ten thousand kalpas.
Sublime Functioning of True Mind
Golden Teaching of the Mind Cultivation
Bodhi-dharma’s Breakthrough Sermon
Bodhi-dharma’s Bloodstream Sermon
The Great Master Bodhi-dharma’s Teaching on the Two Enterings and the Four Practices
On Mind-Watching
On Lineage